Donate Your Horse

Are you interested in donating your horse to Riding With HEART?

Horses at Riding with HEART enjoy a great life, enriching the lives of

children and adults with special needs. In order to keep the horses healthy

and happy in their jobs, they are provided with:

* Annual veterinary exams and dental care

* Monthly farrier attention

* Specialized diets monitored by an Equine Nutritionist

* Daily turn out 

Do you have a horse that you would like to consider donating to Riding with HEART?


Riding with HEART’s herd consists of horses of every shape and size.  Each horse is carefully selected through an extensive evaluation and trial period. Not every horse is suitable for Equine Assisted and Activities. Therapy horses must be able to compensate for riders that have physical disabilities and may be off-balance. The horses in our program must be fit, sound and have a suitable temperament for Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies.  During the trial period, horses are introduced to the varied job skills that they are expected to perform for equine activities and therapies. Each potential therapy horse will be evaluated on conformation and movement. 


When the trial period is finished, and they are accepted into the Riding with HEART program, a free lease or donation will be offered. Your horse will move into a new career as a therapy horse.


Horses that are lame, have health conditions or issues that are contraindicated to riding are not suitable for adaptive therapeutic riding.  Please take these points into consideration before offering your horse for donation.