Join the Riding with HEART Care Team



Join the Riding with HEART Care Team!


We miss our riders - We miss our groups - We miss our volunteers - We miss the families - We miss you all!

And, we miss the funds that are the backbone of our program. The Riding with HEART programs are on hold, but our horses just keep on eating! Grain, hay, medications, farrier care, as well as people who care for the horses, are all very costly.


If you know us, you know what we do. You know how important our equine therapies are to our participants, our volunteers, family members, and the community. And every one of us knows how much the horses give and give and give.


Now, we need you to give to them by joining the Riding with HEART Care Team today.


Commit to a monthly donation (or a one-time gift) and join the Care Team. Care Team supporting members like you are going to be vital to the future of Riding with HEART.


Riding with HEART is devoted to our participants – our goal is to provide all the wonderful activities we always have, and maybe some new ones!


Look forward to it because Riding with HEART will be ready for you!