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Bravehearts Program for Vets & First Responders

The BraveHEARTs Equine-Assisted Learning Program serves members of all branches of the military, veteran and active-duty members as well as all law enforcement and first responders and their families.

The BraveHEARTs Program focuses not only on the service member or first responder but their family as well. We offer a collaborative approach towards Equine Assisted Learning with the entire family in mind. The team includes the veteran, police or first responders a
nd their families (if they so choose), and finally the horse partner as the teacher. Horses have highly developed senses and offer a mirror into ourselves as we interact with them. The session is led by an Equine Specialist who guides the participants through the learning process safely.

Ground-work, as well as mounted activities with the horse, create a natural opportunity to overcome fear and develop self-confidence. Learning, bonding, and enjoying time within the equine/human team is the ultimate goal.


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